Cron job addition

Cron job addition

Steps to configure cron job
1)Check whether curl is installed in the system where cron jobs are running, by executing the below command in terminal
 $curl -V
 Output should be similar as below

2)Check the script added in the cron job addition is having executable permission
$ls -al <script added in Job script path>

3)Under Settings -> User Management ->Click on Admin User and generate the API key by clicking the Click here as shown

4)Replace the <ADMIN_API_KEY> with the api key generated above 
5)After replacing paste the content in the target server where cron job is running by following the steps below
  1. In target server terminal execute     
                $ crontab -e 
  1. A cron editor will open 
  2. Paste the curl content and save and exit 
  3. The terminal should return the following
                  crontab: installing new crontab

If cron job details are not getting updated in Applications Manager even after performing the above steps , check whether the target server can access the Applications Manager installed machine and  the port in which it is running by executing the below command in the target server.

telnet remote_server_ip port_number

remote_server_ip/hostname - Replace remote_server_ip with the hostname/ipaddress of machine in which Applications Manager is running.
port_number - Replace Port number with port number in which Applications Manager is running

Example - APM build link
telnet 9666

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