Criteria for successful agent scanning

Criteria for successful agent scanning

1. Ensure that the agent services are running in the client machine under services.msc
2. In the application, under Admin >> Security Settings >> Ensure Stop uploading scanned XMLs via non-login URL is unchecked. 
3. If ICMP is blocked in the network and if the ping is not possible, then under Admin >> Scan Settings >> You can check the Disable Ping option
4. Ping the client machine from the server 
5. Ping the server from the client machine. 
6. Please check if you are able to telnet the agent port from the server and the client machine by following the below steps. 

Please open the command prompt as admin in the application server and then:

telnet<space><workstationname><space><portnumber of the agent>

Next, go to the workstation open the command prompt as admin and then:

telnet<space><application server name><space><portnumber of the application>

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