Converting a requester to a technician

Converting a requester to a technician

Please follow the below steps to convert a requester to a technician.

Step 1 (If the requester is already added under MSP Requester):

1) Log in as an administrator.
2) Go to Admin tab>>MSP Details>>MSP Requester(Left hand column).
3) Click on the requester whom you wish to change as technician.
4) You can find the “Change as Technician” option in the MSP-Requester detail screen as shown in the screenshot below.

Once you click "Change as Technician" option, it will then take you the technician page where you can associate the accounts, sites & roles for the technician.

Note: The requesters added only under "MSP Requester" are allowed to be converted as technicians.
The "Change as technician" option is available only under the requester configured under the "MSP Requester".

Step 2 (If the requester is added under any other accounts): 

1) Login as an administrator.
2) Navigate to the requester whom you wish to convert as a technician.
3) Select the specific requester, then click "Edit".
4) Select the MSP account at the top and then click Save. Once done, you will see this user under MSP requester and from there you can convert him as a technician.

After clicking Edit, choose the drop down and select the MSP account

You will see the below Pop-up

Click "Ok".
Now i will ask you to choose the Site as below:

Now, the requester is moved under "MSP Requester"

Then follow the same steps as mentioned above in this article (Click "Change as Technician") to convert the requester to a technician.
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