Convert Certificate and Key (Private) into a keystore file

Convert Certificate and Key (Private) into a keystore file

When you have Certificate (.crt file) and Private key (.key file), which you want to convert into Keystore (.keystore file), please follow the below steps.
Basic flow: <.crt file> ➕ <.key file> ➡️ <.p12 file> ➡️ <.keystore file>

Step 1 - Convert Certificate, Key pair to PKCS#12 file

Consider you have the following Certificate, Key pair.
Certificate file name - abc_certificate.crt
Private key file name - xyz_private.key

Execute the below command with the details above to generate PKCS#12 (.p12 file).
openssl pkcs12 -export -in abc_certificate.crt -inkey xyz_private.key -out output_pkcs.p12
Output PKCS#12 file nameoutput_pkcs.p12

Step 2 - Convert PKCS#12 file to Keystore file

Once you have generated the PKCS#12 (.p12 file), execute the below command to generate the Keystore (.keystore file).
keytool -importkeystore -destkeystore final_keystore.keystore -srckeystore output_pkcs.p12 -srcstoretype pkcs12
Output Keystore file namefinal_keystore.keystore

The final output file named "final_keystore.keystore" is the keystore file which is ready to use.

Note: Please note that we have used only the file names in the above commands considering that the commands are executed from the exact location where they are. You can change it to the complete path instead of the file name, when you want to access a file in a different folder path.

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