Contract and Service Plans details - Query Report

Contract and Service Plans details - Query Report


select ac.contractno "Contract Number", ac.contractname "Contract Name", sp.serviceplanname "Service Plan Name",sp.plantype "Service Plan Type", sp.timeperiod "Bill Cycle",fixedmonthlycharges "Fixed Base Charge",sp.fixedmonthlyunits "Allowance", sp.fixedhourcost "Fixed Cost Per Hour",sp.operationalhourcost "OP Hrs Cost",
sp.nonoperationalhourcost "Non OP Hrs Cost", sp.weekendhourcost "Weekend Cost",sp.holidayhourcost "Holiday Cost", longtodate(ac.startdate) "Contract Start Date", longtodate(ac.expirydate) "Contract Expiry Date", ac.isactivecontract "Is Active Contract", ad.org_name "Account" from workorder wo LEFT JOIN workorderstates wos on wo.workorderid = wos.workorderid LEFT JOIN statusdefinition sd on sd.statusid = wos.statusid
left join accountsitemapping asm on asm.siteid = wo.siteid 
inner join accountcontract ac on ac.accountid = asm.accountid
left join serviceplan sp ON ac.serviceplanid=sp.serviceplanid
left join billcycle bc ON ac.contractid=bc.contractid 
Left join accountdefinition ad on asm.accountid = ad.org_id
where ac.accountid in ($Account)
group by ad.org_name,ac.startdate,ac.expirydate,sp.serviceplanname,sp.FIXEDMONTHLYUNITS,ac.contractno,ac.contractname,sp.plantype,ac.isactivecontract,sp.timeperiod,sp.fixedmonthlycharges,sp.fixedhourcost,sp.operationalhourcost,sp.nonoperationalhourcost,sp.weekendhourcost,sp.holidayhourcost ORDER BY 8 ASC
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