Connecting to APM Database with Read-Only User

Connecting to APM Database with Read-Only User

To connect to the database, you will need the following information:

Port number: The port in which the Applications Manager database runs. (You can get this from am.db.port value in <Applications Manager Home>\conf\ file). The default value is 15432.
Username: The username of the user that wants to connect to the DB. Since we are going to connect a read-only user, the username will be rouser.
Password: The password for this specific username. For read-only user, you can use apmrouser.

For Windows:
AppManagerHome\working\pgsql\bin> set PGPASSWORD=apmrouser
AppManagerHome\working\pgsql\bin>psql -p 15432 -U rouser -h localhost  -d amdb

amdb=> indiactes that you are connected to the database and now any read-related queries can be executed.


However, if you try to write/update, permission will be denied.


For Linux:
AppManagerHome/working/pgsql/bin$ export PGPASSWORD=apmrouser
AppManagerHome/working/pgsql/bin$ ./psql -p 15432 -U rouser -h localhost  -d amdb

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