Import and update Requester from CSV (Comma Separated Value) Files

Import and update Requester from CSV (Comma Separated Value) Files

Import Requester from CSV (Comma Separated Value) Files

You can also add requesters by importing from CSV files. To import requesters from CSV file


Step 1: Locate the CSV file

    1. Click Import from CSV link in the Requester List page. The Import Wizard opens in a pop-up window.

    2. Click the Browse button in the wizard.

    3. Select the CSV file in the file chooser window and click Open.

    4. Click Next.

Step 2: Customize Mapping

    1. The CSV column names are populated in the select boxes beside each label. Map the ServiceDesk Plus - MSP requester fields with the field names from the CSV file.

    2. Click Next.

Step 3: Import

    1. Click Import Now button. The values from the CSV file will be imported to the requester details. Once the import is complete, the data on how many records were added, how many overwritten, and how many failed to import.

If at any point you wish to stop importing from the CSV file, click the Exit button.

Updating Requester using CSV

Below are the conditions followed in CSV Import. 

1. Login name, email, and domain will be used as parameters to decide if a user already exists or not.

2. If a user is matched based on email but without login, the user will be updated and login will be given  

3. If a user is not found based on the provided details, a new user with login will be added during import.

4.  In an import both add and update cases are possible, hence the login name and password mandatory.

5. In case of update, we won't update the password for existing users with login, 

In regards to the 1st point, user matched based on email is based on configuration under Admin>Self Service Portal>

A sample CSV is attached to the article

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