Completely rebrand ADSelfService Plus to match your organization’s requirement

Completely rebrand ADSelfService Plus to match your organization’s requirement


You can completely overhaul ADSelfService Plus with your own organization’s logo, images, theme color, etc. ADSelfService Plus gives you complete control when it comes to renovating the look and feel of the web portal. The net result is that the application matches your organization’s design and style codes. Using the rebranding settings, the product's theme colour, logo, browser title and image, and the login screen's background image can be modified. The buttons displayed in the login screen can also be customized.


To rebrand ADSelfService Plus, follow the steps given below:
  1. Start ADSelfService Plus and login using admin credentials.
  2. Navigate to AdminCustomizePersonalizePortal Rebranding.
  3. Under General Customization, use the Choose Theme Color field to select the desired theme color.
  4. Click Browse next to the Change Logo field and choose a logo of your choice. The image should be of 200x50 pixels in dimensions.
  5. Enter the desired Browser Title.
  6. Click Browse next to the Browser Title Image field to select a title image for your choice.
  7. Under Logon Customization, use the Customize Logon Buttons to change the other order of and the text displayed in the Sign in, Reset Password, and Account Unlock buttons.
  8. Select Browse next to the Login Screen Background Image to select the desired image.
  9. Click Save.
ADSelfService Plus Rebranding
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