Close all associated tasks when a request is closed

Close all associated tasks when a request is closed

When a request is closed, it is necessary to close all of its related tasks.

In an organizational context, a request can involve multiple technicians, resulting in its segmentation into distinct tasks. When the request is marked as resolved or closed, all associated tasks seamlessly mirror this status, ensuring streamlined management of requests and associated tasks.

Steps to configure:
1.  Download the attached scripts.  Copy the contents into Request custom functions.
2.  Goto Admin > Global Function > New > Paste the global function contents and save it with a name.
(Update the SDP configurations details in the global function)
3.  Goto Admin > Request Custom Function > New > Paste the closeAllAssociatedTasks.txt content and save it with a name
4.  Configure the created custom function in a trigger to get executed every time a request is closed.

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