Changing the ownership of Report

Changing the ownership of Report

In order to change the ownership of the existing Reports, please follow the below steps,

1. connect to your database.  Incase, if your connecting database is postgresql, please refer the below link to connect to it. viz.

2. Execute the below query to find the list of Reports,

 select * from customreport_details

The above query will display the list of all Reports available in the application.

3. Choose the Reportid from the result of the executed query and the ownerid.

4. Now execute another query to find the list of users(viz. their names and other details),

select * from aaauser

5. From the result of the above query, choose the user_id of the user to whom you want to give privilege for that Report. 

6. Now in the query window, type the following query to apply the changes,

update customreport_details set ownerid=** where reportid=**;

In the above query, replace the ** with the respective values. For ownerid=**, replace with the user_id of the user to change the ownership. And in the reportid=**, replace with the values selected from the customreport_detail.

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