Change icons for the buttons in SSP

Change icons for the buttons in SSP

To change the default icons for the buttons available under SSP,

To change the Triangle icon for I am facing an issue, and similarly for the other two options, login to the application as an administrator, goto Admin- Self service portal settings, click on Customize self-service portal, and click on Edit.

Here search for ,

<div class="disp-c ssp-icon">
There will be 3 search results. 

To change the first triangle icon, include the text ,

<img src="..\custom\customimages\template-req.png">

below the the searched option <div class="disp-c ssp-icon">. MAke sure to place the desired image under MSP\Custom\Customimages path.

After adding the entry it should look like below,

                                        <div class="disp-c ssp-icon">
<img src="..\custom\customimages\template-req.png">

Similarly to change the other icons you need to place the required image in the custom\customimages path, and then add the image source entry like mentioned above, and save.

For the second icon to replace you need to search for <div class="disp-c ssp-icon"> and add the entries.

Finally the image will look like,

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