Incidents caused by Change

Incidents caused by Change

SELECT chdt.changeid                  "Change ID", 
       chdt.title                     "Change Title", 
       Longtodate(chdt.createdtime)   "Change Created Time", 
       Longtodate(chdt.completedtime) "Change Completed Time", 
       orgaaa.first_name              "Change Requested by", 
       ownaaa.first_name              "Change Technician", 
       stagedef.NAME                  "Change Status", 
       wo.workorderid                 "Request ID", 
       aau.first_name                 "Requester", 
       qd.queuename                   "Group", 
       ti.first_name                  "Request Technician", 
       Longtodate(wo.createdtime)     "Request Created Time", 
       Longtodate(wo.completedtime)   "Request Completed Time", 
       std.statusname                 "Request Status" FROM   changedetails chdt 
       LEFT JOIN sduser orgsd 
              ON chdt.initiatorid = orgsd.userid 
       LEFT JOIN aaauser orgaaa 
              ON orgsd.userid = orgaaa.user_id 
       LEFT JOIN sduser ownsd 
              ON chdt.technicianid = ownsd.userid 
       LEFT JOIN aaauser ownaaa 
              ON ownsd.userid = ownaaa.user_id 
       LEFT JOIN stagedefinition stagedef 
              ON chdt.stageid = stagedef.stageid 
       INNER JOIN incidentcausedbychange icm 
               ON chdt.changeid = icm.changeid 
       LEFT JOIN workorder wo 
              ON icm.workorderid = wo.workorderid 
       LEFT JOIN sduser sdu 
              ON wo.requesterid = sdu.userid 
       LEFT JOIN aaauser aau 
              ON sdu.userid = aau.user_id 
       LEFT JOIN workorderstates wos 
              ON wo.workorderid = wos.workorderid 
       LEFT JOIN sduser td 
              ON wos.ownerid = td.userid 
       LEFT JOIN aaauser ti 
              ON td.userid = ti.user_id 
       LEFT JOIN statusdefinition std 
              ON wos.statusid = std.statusid 
       LEFT JOIN workorder_queue woq 
              ON wo.workorderid = woq.workorderid 
       LEFT JOIN queuedefinition qd 
              ON woq.queueid = qd.queueid 

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