CAB recommendation table is not updated with recent data - External

CAB recommendation table is not updated with recent data - External

CAB recommendation table  in ServiceDesk Plus workspace is not updated with recent data.
Note: This KB is applicable for ServiceDesk Plus version from 11128 till the latest version
ServiceDesk Plus has made framework level changes and the recent data is not pushed into the CAB recommendation table in AnalyticsPlus.

Note: Take a backup of "ZRMEModules.xml" under "ServiceDesk\zreports\1\sync\conf" prior to making any changes
  • Send a copy of  "ZRMEModules.xml" under "ServiceDesk\zreports\1\sync\conf" to the support team at 
  • We will revert back making the necessary changes to the "ZRMEModules.xml" file. 
  • Replace the "ZRMEModules.xml" file under "ServiceDesk\zreports\1\sync\conf" with the one which was modified and sent by us.
  • Restart the ServiceDesk Plus application once and re-initiate the sync.

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