Business Rule is not working

Business Rule is not working

There are a few configurations that need to be checked for business rules. 

1. Account/Site

  • Check the request Account & Site,
  • Now, go to Admin>Business Rules>Filter the Account & Site and make sure the Business Rules is created for the same 
2. Rule Configuration

  • Go to Admin>Business Rules>Filter the Account & Site>Edit the Business Rules and check the below configuration

Execute during Request                                                    - Set it to Any time 
Disable Business Rule                                                       - Unchecked
Turn on cascade execution                                                - Unchecked
Override request values with Business Rules values     - Checked 

You can test the rule with the above configuration and later change it based on the requirement.

3. Organize Business Rule 

In the business rules list view, click on the Organize list view and select the rule and move it to the top as the first rule.

If it is a Service Request, there is a separate business rule under Admin>Service Catalog - Business Rules

Once the above configurations are checked, create a test request with the Business Rules criteria and test if the rule is working. After checking all the above cases and the issue still persists, email with the full screenshot of the request details page and the business rule screenshot. 

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