Build numbers listed on the release notes page are not available in the download service pack upgrade page

Build numbers listed on the release notes page are not available in the download service pack upgrade page

We are following a weekly release process for our product where we integrate both the customer reported bug fixes, internal bug fixes on priority and enhancements. These weekly releases (eg. 15010/14840/14600 etc) full binaries will be updated in our download page. After a while, in the weekly build that has successfully passed all verification / tests and has remaining bugs that are considered as acceptable, it will be moved to General Availability (GA) version (eg. 14543, 14844 etc). Over a while, these builds are rolled over and are updated into a major build. New features or critical changes are released in the major builds (eg. 15/14/13/12 etc).

We mention all the bug fixes, minor enhancements, new features, etc for all weekly releases on the release notes page. We will also notify users about GA release update via ITOM Newsletter.

The service pack download page will have option for existing older customers to upgrade their instance to GA release version on it.

If a user already in GA version is experiencing a bug listed on the website or needs an enhancement that is already available in one of the new released weekly builds, they are can upgrade to that version using the corresponding ppm file.

On the support page of the product website, under Archived builds you will find the option to choose a specific build number (refer to the screenshots attached in the post to guide you). Once the required build number is selected, you will get the archive page to download the full binaries or the service pack (.ppm) file.

We follow this process so that our users can get the required bug fixes sooner without waiting for a major build release. Whereas the major build release will be used for marketing activities & press coverage as it will have important new features in it. We assure you that all the builds available on the website & archives site for user download are all stable tested versions of the product.

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