Behavior of Survey email configuration in 11.0

Behavior of Survey email configuration in 11.0

When Support reps setup survey email configuration, they would be under the impression that the language they select would the one the survey goes out but it doesn't work that way. 

Let's say that the Support rep sets up the survey to go out in the French language but then the Contact would still receive it in English (default) and the reason for that is the Contact would not have personalized their preferred language to French. 

Here's an example:

1. I've got the survey email configuration to be sent in French. 





2. The Contact who is logged in has to have the same language personalized. 







3. Now, when a survey is sent to the Contact, it is sent in the language I set up under the Survey email configuration. 




The reason for this change is because some Contacts may be from different parts of the world and they can receive the survey in a language they prefer. 

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