Behavior of Account and Solution Mapping and workaround to hide all Solutions from a new Account

Behavior of Account and Solution Mapping and workaround to hide all Solutions from a new Account

The solutions are mapped to the Topics and Topic Groups and are allocated to the respective groups. Yet the problem is all the solutions are listed under All Topics options. When a new Account is created, it is defaulted to All Topics. Hence, a new Account is able to see all the Solutions without even having to map them to a Topic Group. We have to change it manually to Specified Topic Group.

The behavior is, 

When an All Account Topic Group is not present in the application, all the Solutions will be associated with All Topic and those will be shown to the New Account. 

When there is a All Account Topic Group present, in the application, only the topics that are selected under the All Account Topic Group will be listed in the New Account created. 

With this behavior, we can have a workaround to hide all Solution from the new Account. 

>> Create a Dummy Topic as shown below. Do not add any solutions under this topic. 

>> Now, click on Topic Group and add a new Topic Group as shown below. 

>> Associate the Dummy Topic (that contains no solutions). Make sure that the All Accounts option is selected. 

>> On adding the new account, the Topic Group will be set to the All Account Topic Group, where no solutions are associated. 

>> None of the solutions will be listed to the Contact under this New account since we haven't associated any solution to the dummy topic present under the All Account Topic Group. Please refer to the below screenshot of a Contact's login to a new Account. 

>> You may later associate the Topic Groups for the new Accounts created as per your preference. 

We have also raised a feature Request, 6812 to give an option to select No Topic or All Topic while creating a new Account. 

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