Barracuda Firewall support-FWA 12100

Barracuda Firewall support-FWA 12100

Please follow below steps when apply the fix.
  1. Stop the Firewall Analyzer service.
  2. Move the FirewallService.jar from <OpManager_Home>\lib location to a different directory
  3. Download the updated FirewallService.jar and save it in the above folder location.
  4. Move the FirewallLogParserRules.xml from <OpManager_Home>\server\conf location to a different directory
  5. Download the updated FirewallLogParserRules.xml and save it in the above folder location.
  6. Start the ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer service.

Please refer the below link to download the attached FirewallService.jar and FirewallLogParserRules.xml,

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