Backup Issue - Stream closed error

Backup Issue - Stream closed error

Backup Error - Stream closed error :

I request you to follow the below steps and take a trimmed back and check the case.

1. Shut down the application.
2. Edit the backUpData.bat (present under SupportCenter\bin folder)  and tune the backUpData.bat as the conversation files are huge in size. Refer to bold values below and update it in the file and save the file.
%JAVA% %JAVA_OPTS% -Xms128m -Xmx4096m -Dsdp.backup.home=%BACKUP_DIR% -Dignore.folder=index,archive -Dserver.home=%SERVER_HOME%

(note hyphen (-) should be present before -Dignore.folder=index,archive)

3.  Download the commonscputils.jar from here and place it in a safe location.
4. Goto SCP/server/default/lib directory and paste this new commonscputils.jar. You should move the existing file from the same location to a different location. Don't rename and keep it in the same location.

5. Now try taking the trimmed back up alone by executing -   execute backUpData.bat --trimmed from the bin directory.

Or use the attached commonscputils.txt. Rename it to commonscputils.jar (using command prompt) post downloading it and then paste it under <supportcenter>/server/default/lib directory.Don't rename and keep it in the same location.

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