Automatically Backup the Database of ADSelfService Plus

Automatically backup the ADSelfService Plus database


The database used in ADSelfService Plus houses some important information that is crucial for the proper functioning of the tool. As a proactive measure against the loss of data, the ADSelfService Plus application provides you Automatic DB Backup. This feature assists you in creating 'schedulers for data backups' at regular intervals, thereby precluding any chance of losing data.


  1. Navigate to Admin -> System Utilities --> Automatic DB Backup.
  2. Set up the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly) at which you want the backup to happen.
  3. Enter the Storage Path in the text field provided (you could also store the database backup on a Network Storage Path).
  4. Click Save Settings. The backup file will be saved in the specified locations as a ZIP file when the scheduler runs.
Note: If the specified path is wrong or unavailable, the backup file will be stored in the default backup folder under the product installation directory, which is <Installation_directory>/Backup (By default: C:\ManageEngine\ADSelfService Plus\Backup).

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