How emails are categorized in SDP MSP

How emails are categorized as requests in SDP MSP

Scenarios to assign a Site and an Account to a requester, when he sends an email to the SDP MSP application.

Please find the following steps to assign a site and an account to a requester when he sends an email to the SDP MSP application.

Scenario 1:

When a requester directly sends an email to the mail server email address (From: Requester, To: Mail Server email address added in the application).

Here: is the requester's email address and is the SDP MSP mail server email address.

Consider the requester is already configured in the MSP application (under a particular site and account)

The request is now directly assigned under “Zoho Corp” as account and “Zoho-Site1” as site.

Scenario 2:

If the requester is not added in the SDP MSP application and trying to send an email to the mail server email address (From: Unknown Requester, To: SDP MSP mail server email address).

The requester’s detail is not added in the SDP MSP application under any accounts or sites.

Now the request will get assigned under “Unknown Requests” queue as below:

Now, the site and account is added for this request is because of the configuration under the account as shown below:

The SDP MSP application is having a feature to assign the requests based on the user’s domain (The application will check the user’s domain and place the request under the particular account “where the domain is configured” and assign the user to the default site added under the particular account).

As an administrator (or a technician who can approve the unknown requests), if you click “Approve and associate requester”, you will see a pop-up, which will allow to assign the request under a particular account or site.

 Once you click approve, the request will be automatically moved under the particular account and the requester’s details will be added in the SDP MSP application.

Note: If the domain name is not added under the Account, the request will not be placed under any site or any account (where the domain based filtering will not happen).

The above mentioned scenario’s will be applicable first when a requester sends an email to the mail server email address.

Scenario 3:

There is another scenario, where you can configure a support email address under an account, so that the requester can directly send an email to the support email address and the requester will be placed under the particular account.

If a known requester (a requester who is already added in the SDP MSP application under a particular site) sends an email to the support email address of the account, the requester will be placed under the account and site will be added as per the configuration.

If an unknown requester sends an email to the support email address, the account will be still added under the account (based on the support email address) and the site will be the default site added in the application.

As an administrator, if you wish to change the site, as mentioned in “Scenario 2”, you can click “Approve and associate requesters” and change the site.

Scenario 4:

The requester can also send emails to the support groups (group email addresses) configured in the application under a particular site or an account, where the requester will be placed in the support group, where the site and account will be added to the request.

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