Reject emails sent from unknown requester and send notification using scripts for 10.6 and above.

Reject emails sent from unknown requester and send notification using scripts for 10.6 and above.

This script is specifically for builds 10.6 and above

Usecase Organizations don't want to handle/fetch unapproved contacts mails into the application. They also want to notify the end user when they send email stating-> "The Request raised by you is rejected. Kindly send mail from the registered email."

You need to add the attached script in the Request Custom Function in the UI and to create a Business Rule as explained below.

1) Request Custom Function:

Admin -> Request Custom Function 

->Name the function. (In the snapshot its mentioned as Negate Request. You can name it as per convenience) 
->Add the attached script in this empty space.
->You need to enter out going mail id (that is mentioned in the Mail server settings) in the first line of the script instead of FROM MAIL ADDRESS.
-> Save it. 

2) Creating a Business Rule:
Admin -> Business Rule 
-> Name the rule
-> Select "Execute on actions as Created"
-> Follow the snapshot to fill in the other details. 
-> Action: Select the Custom Function: Fill in the name of the Request Custom Function -created 
-> Update the Business Rule. 

3) In the Self Service Portal Settings:

Admin -> Self Service Portal 
Click on the Requesters & Technicians tab as shown below.

Select on the Add Unknown User As - Unapproved Users as shown in the below snap shot. 


Refresh the setup and now when an unapproved contact raises a ticket, ticket will not be created and a auto reply will be sent to him stating "The Request raised by you is rejected. Kindly send mail from registered email". 
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