Applying mail server's certificate in ServiceDesk Plus

Applying mail server's certificate in ServiceDesk Plus

To establish a secure connection between ServiceDesk Plus and email servers configured with a self-signed certificate, follow these steps:

1. Download the attached file.

2. Extract the files to the ServiceDesk Plus directory.

3. The files will now be in the following location: 

gencert.bat under [your drive]:ManageEngine\ServiceDesk directory.
Cert.jar should be under [your drive]:ManageEngine\ServiceDesk\lib directory.

4. Click the Windows icon and select Command Prompt (Run as administrator).

5. Go to ServiceDesk and run gencert.bat [Mail Server IP]:[Mail protocol port]

Type 1 when you are prompted with an exception PKIX.

6. Move the 'jssecacerts' file created to the location [your drive]: ManageEngine\Servicedesk\jre\lib\security folder 

7.Start the ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus service from the services console(services.msc).

8.Save the incoming mail server settings (under Admin > Mail Server Settings) and click Start Fetching. 

If the emails are not fetched, generate the support file and mail it to To create the support file, go to Support or Community > Support File.

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