Apply certificate of your Exchange Server in SDP for mail fetching / mail sending

Apply certificate of your Exchange Server in SDP for mail fetching / mail sending

Steps to apply certificate of your Exchange Server in SDP

1. Download the file from the link given below and extract it to the Service Desk Plus Home directory

2. Run the extracted batch file (Windows / Linux based on your server's operating system) from the command prompt using the syntax given below:
    Syntax : 

For Windows - gencert.bat <hostname>:<port> 

E.g. cmd> gencert.bat

For Linux - sh <hostname>:<port>

                        E.g. sh

3. The server will send the available certificates in the command prompt. You will be asked to enter the certificate number to proceed further. On supplying the certificate number, a file called jssecacerts is generated in the ServiceDesk Plus Home Directory (if the file is already present, this certificate will be appended to it).

4. Copy the jssecacerts file to jre\lib\security folder and restart ServiceDesk Plus application.

5. Save the settings and test the mail connection.

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