APM Insight Troubleshooting Tips - Ruby on Rails Agent

APM Insight Troubleshooting Tips - Ruby on Rails Agent

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1. How can I install APM Insight Agent for Ruby on Rails Applications?

      Install the APM Insight Agent for Ruby on Rails Applications by using the command: gem install apminsight

2. How to configure the apminsight gem within my applications?

    After installation, include apminsight gem in applications Gemfile (gem 'apminsight') or in any one of the initializers file (within initializers folder of the applications).

3. Where can i find the apminsight.conf file ?

      You can find the apminsight .conf under <Gems Installed folder>/apminsight/conf . You can copy the apminsight .conf file to your Applications home directory. 


      If you start the Applications, apminsight gem will automatically copy apminsight.conf, to the applications home. Then you can stop the application to edit the conf file.


4. How to add an APM Insight Monitor for Ruby on Rails Applications?

      After Installation of gem, you can include the apminsight gem within Gemfile/initializers, and then start the application. This will add the monitor in the respective Applications Manager Server.

5. I have added APM  Insight Agent in my Application Server with the correct credentials in  apminsight.conf, but still i don't see any APM Insight monitor getting  added in Applications Manager?

  • Check if you have restarted /started the Application Server where you have installed apminsight gem.
  • If you have restarted/started the Application Server and still the monitor is not added, check the communication between APM Insight gem installed server and Applications Manager.
  • If there is a proxy server between APM Insight gem and Applications Manager server, specify the Proxy server configuration.

      To check if there is a  proxy, open a browser in the APM Insight gem installed machine and  try connect to http(s)://apm.host:apm.port.

      It should display the login page of Applications Manager. Check with your network administrator, if you are not able to see the login page, it may be because the port has to be opened in firewall.

      Check whether any proxy server is configured in the browser and specify those values in apminsight.conf

6. After APM Insight monitors gets added, why is the Availability and Health status still in Not updated state?

      APM Insight Availability and Health attributes will be updated only after one minute of your monitor addition.

Availability of APM Insight monitor shows Up, But I still can't see any data. Why?

      One possible reason is that, no web transactions might have taken place in your Application Server.

No data is shown in Applications Manger, though web transaction is taking place in the application server (where the gem is deployed). Why?

      After every one minute, gem will push the metric data to the Applications Manager, so as to see the data after one minute (network traffic delay excluded). If you don't see the data even after one minute, it will be due to network problem which should be paid attention.

9. Availability of APM Insight Monitor shows down. What does this mean?

      It means, either your application server is down or the communication between the agent & application server is not good.

Can I configure thresholds & alarms to the apdex, response time metric that I have received?

      Yes, you can configure your customized threshold values as you configure for other Applications Manager monitors.

What is the maximum history of metric data that i can view?

      One day.

Can I view the trace of a web transaction that consumes more response time?

      Yes, all slow web transactions traces will be available under the APM Insight Traces tab.

Why don't I see any traces of a web transaction which I thought to be very slow?

      You might have disabled trace collection in your Agent. Enable trace collection by setting true for the  key transaction.trace.enabled.
      Also, a web transaction is decided to be a slowest transaction based on your threshold value set for the key transaction.trace.threshold.  (specified in seconds)
Why I don't see any metrics under database tab?

      You might have disabled SQL Query listening in your Agent. Enable it by setting true for the key sql.capture.enabled

Can I group more than one instance under an Application Name. If yes, how?

      Yes. You can group more than one instances under an Application Name. To do this, while including the gem in application server, specify the same application name for key application.name in apminsight.conf file

Can I rename the Application Name, thus created in Applications Manager?

      No. Application Name cannot be renamed.

Can I Compare metrics across all/selective instances?


Can I move an Instance under one Application to another Application?


Will I be able to view all the APM Insight graphs, charts if my browser doesn't have flash installed?

      Yes. You can view all the graphs even if your browser doesn't have flash installed. In such a case, graph will be rendered as java scripts.

Where can I see the list of all web transactions sorted by its average response time?

      You can see them under APM Insight Web Transaction tab with sorting value 'slowest average response time''.

How can I temporarily stop the APM Insight metric collection?

      Metric Collection can be stopped by UnManaging the APM Insight Monitor. 

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