Allowance, used and remaining Hours

Allowance, used and remaining Hours


select ad.org_name "Account",sp.serviceplanname "Service Plan",longtodate(ac.startdate) "Contract Start Date", longtodate(ac.expirydate) "Contract Expiry Date", sp.fixedmonthlyunits "Total Allowance (Hours)", (MAX(bc.consumedunits)/3600000) "Hours Used",MAX(sp.fixedmonthlyunits)-(MAX(bc.consumedunits)/3600000) "Hours Remaining" from workorder wo LEFT JOIN workorderstates wos on wo.workorderid = wos.workorderid
LEFT JOIN statusdefinition sd on sd.statusid = wos.statusid
left join accountsitemapping asm on asm.siteid = wo.siteid 
inner join accountcontract ac on ac.accountid = asm.accountid
left join serviceplan sp ON ac.serviceplanid=sp.serviceplanid
left join billcycle bc ON ac.contractid=bc.contractid 
Left join accountdefinition ad on asm.accountid = ad.org_id
where ac.isactivecontract ='true' and plantype='Charge Per Hour' and ac.accountid in ($Account)
group by ad.org_name,ac.startdate,ac.expirydate,sp.serviceplanname,sp.FIXEDMONTHLYUNITS

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