EUM Agent - Allowing multiple agents with same host name

EUM Agent - Allowing multiple agents with same host name

Question: How do I assign multiple agents with same host name?

Answer: You have the option to allow multiple agents with same host name under EUM Agent.

When should one select this option?
This option is provided mainly for a network which has multiple servers with the same hostname. It can be enabled when a user's network has multiple servers with the same hostname (differs in IP Address) and the user wants to deploy Agent on each of those servers. Users should not enable this when the Agent is installed in a network where the servers may have Dynamic IPs.

Points to remember before enabling the option:
  1. When you enable this option, any server with the same hostname and different IP address trying to connect to Applications Manager will be added as a new agent (even when there is an EUM Agent already mapped to Applications Manager with a different IP address).
  2. Please note that when you have enabled this option and IP address of the same server gets altered at some point of time, then it will be considered as a new agent while connecting to Applications Manager.
  3. We recommend that you disable this option if the network where the EUM Agent is deployed, is expected to have dynamic IP.
  4. Whenever a new agent is added to Applications Manager, it will not have any monitors associated to it until one associates a monitor to the agent manually.
Please note that, you cannot revert the option after enabling it. You might have to delete the Agent configuration from the Server and the Applications Manager. So select this only if there is a valid reason

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