Alarms from Applications Manager escalate to the wrong server

Alarms from Applications Manager escalate to the wrong server

Troubleshooting Steps:

Note: Alarm from Applications Manager Plugin will be escalated to OpManager only if the following option is enabled in Plugin.

  • Under the Admin Tab, go to Action / Alarm settings and Enable the option “Enable Alarm notifications to OpManager Server”

  • Check the hostname/ipaddress of the server containing the monitor which is having alert.

  • The server containing the monitor should be added as server monitor in Applications Manager

  • Also the same server should be added as device monitor in OpManager.

  • If both OpManager and Applications Manager having the server as monitor, but the alarm is not getting escalated, then check for the following debug prints in “action.txt” file in logs folder

Print 1-
AMActionExecutor: EscalateAlarmsToOPM: final parentHost:
Above print will display the server name of the monitor, to which the alarm is going to escalate in OpManager

Print 2 -

AMActionExecuter : escalteAlarmToOpm: Alarm Details ::
Above print will display the alarm properties set in Applications Manager and send it to OpManager. Property contain alarm message, alarm code, HostName to which alarm need to be escalated, etc.

Print 3 -

AMActionExecutor: EscalateAlarmToOPM:
Above print will show the response received from OpManager.
Print 4 -
AMActionExecutor: EscalateAlarmsToOPM: skipping escalation as parentHost value =
Above print will occur if the server containing the monitor is not present in Applications Manager as a Server monitor

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