Alarm severity levels in OpManager

Alarm severity levels in OpManager

OpManager has four different severity levels for the alarms. Severity levels of device down alarms (availability monitoring) are already predefined.

Here is the list with the severity and the events which will trigger the alarms with these severity :

1)Service Down:  When is service down and URL monitor is down

2)Attention: When the device is down for the  1st poll in availability

3)Trouble: When the device is down for 3 consecutive polls in Availability

4)Critical: When the device is down for 5 consecutive polls in Availability. This is the highest severity in OpManager.

5)Clear: At any stage if an alarm is cleared.

As you can see, the severity will automatically change for the device down alarms based on the number of missed polls. 

Similar to device down alarms, Interface down alarm severity(Trouble) is also predefined.

But for other alarms  like threshold violation, Traps and event logs, user can configure any severity(Attention or Trouble or Critical) and the severity will be the same even if the alarm is repeated.

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