How does Agent Scan work ?

How does Agent Scan work ?

When you install Agent for the first time, It will initiate the scan immediately and send the data via application port (8080 or 443 as you configured) to Server.

But when you scan from the Application, It will first try to check whether the client machine is reachable by Ping test and then will trigger the agent via 9000 port.

1. For agent scan, the application looks for both IP address and machine name, please make sure nslookup resolves with IP address and machine name. 

Example : 


Output should be its IP address

Reverse lookup 


Output should be its IP address

2 . Telnet on agent and application port should work. Default agent port is configured on 9000, on scan application reaches client on 9000, collects back scanned info on 9000 and application installed port (default port 8080)

Example : 

From server 

cmd>Telent client1 9000

From client  

cmd>Telent 8080


cmd>Telent 9000

3 Connect to the client machine, check with the registry, see if it has correct server name, protocol, agent port, and application port. 

[For 64 bit]


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ZOHO Corp\ManageEngine AssetExplorer\Agent> note down the agent ID

(​Refer attached image)

If there is an issue , provide the following details. Go to folder path ManageEngine>ServiceDesk>send us the LOGS folder for further analysis.

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