Advantages of API based Template over CLI

Advantages of API based Template over CLI

This article is based on the experience in regards to storage module with OpManager 

SSH is used
REST (http/https) is sued
End devices may have maximum connections limit in a specific time. Session idle timeout will affect OpManager's polling time and sometimes poll(s) will be missed.
Only session timeout which can be identified and a new session can be created/used
CLI Response will have character limit, if it exceeds the limit, we may need to execute multiple commands for a single entity. 
No such limitations
A separate parser needs to be written for parsing the CLI commands which increases memory usage and time for a single poll.
Well-framed response will be returned from the end device,(JSON/XML) which can be easily parsed by inbuilt parser in JAVA

On a larger scale, APIs are:

  • Faster by order of magnitude
  • Less prone to breakage
  • Return data in easily parsed format (usually JSON)

By considering all the above, we are introducing API Templates for the available devices and will deprecate CLI Templates in the future course. Any new enhancements/features will be introduced to API Templates only and not for deprecated CLI Templates. Hope this helps. 

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