ADMP integration Issues with SDP MSP

ADMP integration Issues with SDP MSP

Please check the below if you get any errors while doing integration

1) ADMP application must be accessible from the browser of SDP application server. Similarly, SDP application must be accessible from the browser of ADMP application server.

This is to make sure that we have connectivity established between the two applications.

2) The technician account used for testing the integration must be a part of both the applications. As we will configure the domain to deal with AD operations in ADMP, please make sure that the domain controller is reachable from the ADMP server and the SDP server too.

3. In your ADMP application and go to Integrations-> ServiceDesk Plus and check if ADMP to SDP integration is successful and also please check if tight integration is enabled and then check if the ME integrations are being updated.

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