Adding MemberOf in Reports

Adding MemberOf in Reports

Before Proceeding the below steps execute a batch file named memberOf.bat located in the ADManager Plus installation folderĀ  "<Installation Dir>\ManageEngine\ADManager Plus\Bin".

Steps to execute a batch file:

Step 1 : Download the attached text fileĀ  to the location <Installation Folder>\Bin
Step 2 : Rename the file with .bat extension
Step 3 : Execute the file by double clicking it.(Right Click "Run as Admin" in Windows 7 or Windows 2008)

Steps to add attribute in Reports,

1.Now Goto ADReports Tab -->Select User Reports in the left side pane.

2. Select All User Report .

3.Click on the Add/Remove column (located in the Right Corner). Please check screenshot.

4.Add the column memberOf

5.Generate the report.

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