Adding a new Weblogic monitor: Frequently Asked Questions

Adding a new Weblogic monitor: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the minimum security privileges that the user account for the WebLogic server should possess for monitoring to take place?


The user should have Administrative privileges. Applications Manager Webserver port 9090 should be accessible from WebLogic server and the same HTTP Port of WebLogic server should be accessible from AppManager machine. For example, WebLogic port 7001 should be accessible (using telnet command) from the Applications Manager server.

Check whether the Listen Address configured in WebLogic server is same as the one used for configuring WebLogic monitor in Applications Manager.

Question: Should I have the T3 protocol active when adding a WebLogic Monitor?


Yes, you should have the T3 protocol active.

Question: Is it necessary to have the setting Anonymous Admin Lookup Enabled, in the Security -> General tab for the WebLogic Domain?


The configured user should have the permission to do a jndi lookup, to get the Mbeanserver. This can be checked as follows:
  • Go to the Admin console and select Environment
  • Go to Servers and select the server
  • View JNDI Tree, then Security and then Policies.
  • Go to Methods. Under Methods the option selected should be 'ALL’.

Question: Is it necessary to have a JDK installed on the machine where the Application Manager server runs?


Yes, AppManager runs on JDK1.7

Question: Is it necessary to be able to resolve hostname <-> ip address between the system that hosts Application Manager and systems that host the monitored targets


Yes, Application Manager should be able to access the WebLogic host, and vice-versa for monitoring to happen. Check if the /etc/resolv.conf file (in windows it is Windows\System 32\etc\hosts file) in the Application Manager machine has the correct domain, search and nameserver list defined correctly for the WebLogic server host. Make sure there is no incorrect resolution present for WebLogic server host.

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