Add request API Using Postman

Add request API Using Postman

You need to send the technician_key and format in Params and the data in Body. Also, you have to encode the body and send it. 

Please refer to the below for your reference which is sent using postman.

{ "operation": { "details": { "subject": "22Cannot browse", "description": "ssssUnable to connect to the internet", "requester": "Guest", "site": "Sample Site", "account": "Sample Account","requesttemplate": "Unable to browse" } } }

Example :

--header  'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
--header  'Cookie: SDPSESSIONID=E3828141E1B9728E999904EACF67F0DE; sdpcsrfcookie=bb7d69f5-23af-4220-922d-b96375c78f31' \
--data-urlencode  'data={  "operation": {   "details": {     "subject": "22Cannot browse",     "description": "ssssUnable to connect to the internet",     "requester": "Guest",     "site": "Sample Site",     "account": "Sample Account","requesttemplate": "Unable to browse"     }   } }'

Also please check our API documentation bundled in the application under Admin -> API -> Documentation -> You can try your calls also to it.

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