Add / Update Account - V1 API

Add / Update Account - V1 API

Below works in 10606 Build MSP. 

Account Add API

URL: http://<servername>:<portnumber>/sdpapi/admin/account/

 HTTP Method: POST



 "operation": {

 "details": {

 "AccountName": "Account 7",

 "LoginURL": "test",

 "Description": "Testing",

 "DoorNumber": "12",

 "Street": "44",

 "City": "Delhi",

 "Landmark": "Nothing",

 "State": "Delhi",

 "Country": "India",

 "EmailId": "",

 "Landline": "12423",

 "Fax": "546465",

 "Web_Url": "iuerygi",

 "BusinessImpact": "high",


 "additional field Attribute_1": "abc",




Example :

Update Account Details :

URL: http://<servername>:<portnumber>/sdpapi/admin/account/<Account ID>
  HTTP Method: PUT

Please note : We are also working on V3 Account API's. Once its released in our future release builds by next year (2023) , this API's will not work. 

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