AD Sync issue_Rootpath failure

AD Sync issue_Rootpath failure

Error trace:

09:48:46:989]|[10-31-2019]|[com.adventnet.servicedesk.asset.util.WorkStationDiscoverUtil]|[INFO]|[62064]: Log message from WMI task : mwc-dc-01 - LDAP Search : Root Path Failure.  (0x8007052e)|
[09:48:46:989]|[10-31-2019]|[com.adventnet.sym.adsm.common.server.ADHandler]|[INFO]|[62064]: **** Back in Java panganjn|
[09:48:46:989]|[10-31-2019]|[com.adventnet.sym.adsm.common.server.ADHandler]|[INFO]|[62064]: Error in Importing User (NULL Object) - <loginname>|
[09:48:46:989]|[10-31-2019]|[com.adventnet.servicedesk.setup.util.ADImporter]|[INFO]|[62064]: ADImporter.updateImportStatus >>>  updateCount(4,1,'panganjn','dummy'); |

Steps to follow are below,
1. Please check whether the user exists. If so, verify that the user name present in the AD is exactly the same as the one which you are trying to import.
2. Verify the options mentioned in the below link for the user properties.
3. Go to Admin-->Requester-->Click on Import from Active Directory. Re-enter the username and password. Then go to the Next screen.
4. Perform an import using the "add user manually" option by providing the user name. Check if this works.
5. If none works, just restart the AD server once and check the issue, this should work if not the above.
If the issue persists, please get the FINE logs to analyse further. Steps to get the FINE logs,

1) Please navigate to Community(Headset symbol)->Support Tool and set the Logger Level to FINE.

2) Recreate the issue.

3) Navigate to the server and immediately zip the logs folder under the location \ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\

4) Now, come back to the Support Tool page, set the Logger level to INFO.

For both logger level, you get a message stating that, it was changed.

NOTE: Please ensure to set the Logger Level back to INFO, once after the issue is recreated.

While uploading logs, Kindly  mention the time when the issue was recreated and the ticket number # .

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