Active Directory Diagnostic Tests - Troubleshoot Errors in Specific test

Active Directory Diagnostic Tests - Troubleshoot Errors in Specific test

In Active Directory Monitor, Diagnostic tests have been introduced in build 14040. To troubleshoot any errors in a specific test in the Diagnostic tests tab, follow the below steps:

1) Open Powershell in administrator mode in the machine where Applications Manager is installed.

2) Go to <AppManager-Home>\working\conf\application\scripts\powershell

3) Run the command:
            .\ADDiagnosticTests.ps1 'hostname' 'username' 'password' 'Test' >C:\diagtest.txt

Note: Replace the hostname, username and password with the credentials of the reported AD machine and replace Test with the corresponding test name (refer below table).

4) Get the diagtest.txt file which will be generated in C:\ drive.

5) Check this file for any errors in that specific test to troubleshoot.

Test Name (as in UI)
Test Name (to be used in command)
Connectivity Check
Advertising Status Check
SYSVOL Status Check
Knowledge Consistency Check
RID Master Accessibility Check
Machine Account Information Check
Global Role-holders Locator Check
File Replication System Check
Distributed File System Check
Logon Priviledges(NetLogons) Check
Object Replication Check
Verify References for FRS and Replication Infrastructure
Intersite Replication Error Check
Cross Reference Check Tests
Security Descriptor Reference Check Tests

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