80014 DHCP Server Scan not working

80014 DHCP Server Scan not working

Follow the below steps to apply the debug patch.
  1. Stop the ManageEngine OpUtils Service.
  2. Rename the OpUtils\logs folder to OpUtils\logs_old.
  3. Download the dll file from mail attachment
  4. Go to <OpUtils installation Directory>/Oputils/lib/native
  5. Rename the DHCPImplementation.dll to "DHCPImplementation.dll_old"
  6. Unzip the downloaded file which contains DHCPImplementation.dll in <OpUtils installation Directory>/Oputils/lib/native directory
  7. Start the ManageEngine OpUtils Service.
  8. Set Log level to INFO from Admin->Settings->General.
  9. delete and re-add the problematic DHCP Server(s)
  10. Zip and upload entire logs

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