10.5 Linux Upgrade failure and solutions

10.5 Linux Upgrade failure and solutions

Traces in logs :

1. java.lang.Exception: InitPgsqlScript exited with value :: 1
at com.adventnet.persistence.PostgresPreProcessor.executeInitPgsqlScript(PostgresPreProcessor.java:1733)
2. PGSQL Permission related errors.

3. SDP MSP installed as root user or /var default location in the environment.


1. Dont use Snapshot DB backup in Linux server while restoring as it leads to permission issues. It should be avoided.
2.  Always make sure to post restoring the DB and shut down the application. Execute sh stopDB.sh 65432 and make sure no JRE OR Postgres process is running in your task manager or process list.

3. Install the application under <user_home>/ManageEngine/ServiceDeskPlus-MSP instead of var or root using a normal user who has full folder access. 
The application should be installed under /opt/ManageEngine which is owned by you

In 10.5 versions, New pgsql folder will be created during this upgrade. It will be created based on the parent folder permission. ie permissions of <ServiceDeskPlus-MSP>.

4. Errors related to get timezone .

If you installed 64-bit installation file of SDP MSP, make sure the md5sum value of these 2 files are the same

1. ServiceDeskPlus-MSP/tools/postgres/bin -> gettimezone and the file under  ServiceDeskPlus-MSP/bin directory -> gettimezone_64 are same.

If not same, please copy the file from < ServiceDeskPlus-MSP/bin directory> to  ServiceDeskPlus-MSP/tools/postgres/bin and the name should be  gettimezone and not   gettimezone_64 (rename the file as  gettimezone only)

Post changing any activities please start and shut down the application once.

If you still face the issue , please contact support at support@servicedeskplusmsp.com for asssitance.

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