Your contributions quantified - PitStop gamification!

Your contributions quantified - PitStop gamification!


ManageEngine PitStop is in for a facelift! We've just rolled out the first leg of gamification. Watch the leader board for the top contributors and their score.  Earn 5 points for every post, 1 point for every like, 3 points when you leave a reply and 10 points if your response is picked as the best answer. Show your peers that you like and agree with what they have to say!
At the podium now with top points are Shocko, Adam Marks, Sean Condra, Ken Rau and lee.andrews. Congrats folks. Keep going!
More exciting things are in store as we strive to make PitStop a meaningful hub of discussions, answers, contests, beta and review programs, and much more!
Community Manager,
ManageEngine PitStop

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