wifi network settings - mac randomization

wifi network settings - mac randomization


We manage a fleet of Samsung Tabs (Galaxy Tab S7 FE (SM-T733).  We have these deployed across the country in 3 time zones being used in warehouses.  

We push out some apps / web shortcuts and force the units to be in Kiosk mode.  We have a passcode to exit out of Kiosk mode if/when needed.

It seems that these devices (varying levels of Android OS version from version 11 to 13) lose connectivity and the apps or changes do not push out.  I believe it is in part (or whole) due to the Mac randomization feature on the tabs. 

We have given the managers instructions on how to exit Kiosk mode and get into the wireless settings and choose to use the 'Tablet mac' address.   This seems to help but not sure it sticks in fact I can verify that after a few reboots the tablet goes back to a 'randomized' mac address.

The tablets are working (or at least seem to be), though we are having some issues and I believe it is related to this I have just explained above.  Support has been slow to respond, and they suggest going into the wifi settings in the ME MDM Android app and setting the wifi settings to use the 'Device MAC address'.  I am unable to find this setting and am getting nowhere. 

Has anyone else seen this behavior or dealt with this at all?
Thanks for any advice.

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