[White paper] Conquer configuration management woes with OpManager's NCM add-on

[White paper] Conquer configuration management woes with OpManager's NCM add-on

By employing OpManager, you can adeptly supervise the realm of network monitoring, ensuring meticulous control. Yet, in today's intricate networking landscape, configurations hold a pivotal role, often regarded as the heartbeat of networks. This underscores the critical nature of a network configuration management solution—an imperative shield against network troubles and performance dips stemming from faulty device configurations.

Did you know that, according to CSO, network misconfigurations cost companies an average of 9% of their annual revenue.

This white paper highlights the importance of network configuration management within your network environment while discussing the seamless integration of this management approach in OpManager, your encompassing network monitoring answer.

What's inside? 
  • A deep dive into the significance of network configuration management for your networks

  • Insights into the challenges faced by network administrators in the absence of a configuration management solution

  • The advantages of housing monitoring and management within a unified platform

  • A spotlight on the prime features unlocked by the configuration management add-on

  • A step-by-step guide on seamlessly activating this transformative add-on.

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