When can we have Facilities Management for MSP?

When can we have Facilities Management for MSP?

Kindly add the facilities management module to the MSP version. It would be a game-changer for us and our customers! In addition, it would create efficiencies in the following;

1. Cabling (new & upgrade) & ICT fit-out in campuses (Bank branches, Education campuses, Hotel multi-floor/multi-location chains, Multi-residential Estates, Retail malls etc)

2. Asset Management & Tracking (knowing exactly where the device is, knowing when it has moved)

3. Centralised Helpdesk/Command&Control Centre for Repairs (requests for electrical, plumbing, HVAC etc follow a similar process to ITSM, our customers need a system that can manage their Facilities Management contractors/field technicians and SLAs, why not use the same Helpdesk/CCC)

4. Our SME market cannot afford ServiceDesk Plus, they rely on us to provide them the service without a huge investment in ITSM software. The Facilities Management module for MSPs would be beneficial.

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