What's new in DDI Central Version 4.0.2?

What's new in DDI Central Version 4.0.2?

DDI Central version 4.0.2 out now! If you've already installed DDI Central, please upgrade to Service Pack Version 4002. Below are the key new features included in this release:

Static subnet and lease management

Simplify IP management for critical devices requiring fixed IP addresses by managing static leases and subnets. Create custom fields and directly import static leases from spreadsheets into designated fields without setting up static subnets.

Scheduled DNS and DHCP objects

Set up schedules to create or modify DHCP scopes and DNS records, enabling network administrators to plan and rollout network configurations at predetermined times for maintaining uninterrupted network services outside of regular business hours.

Scheduled reports

Set up scheduled reports for DHCP subnets specifically for administrators to provide an analytical visual snapshot of subnet capacity. This aids in advanced capacity planning and monitoring IP utilization thresholds over time. Additionally, the scheduled reports on DNS zones offer periodic updates on domain queries, helping admins  to understand traffic patterns, as well as user behavior and preferences.

Third party zone migrations

Manage your zones hosted with external cloud vendors such as Google Cloud DNS, Cloudflare, Microsoft Azure, and AWS Route 53 directly through DDI Central, eliminating the need to switch between different management platforms. This centralized management approach streamlines migrations and bulk transfers, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal downtime.

PXE-boot templates

Create and clone templates to enable devices to autonomously acquire IP addresses, initiate boot processes, and seamlessly integrate into your network.

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If you have any further questions, please write to us at: ddi-support@manageengine.com






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