[What's Cooking] Upcoming New Features and Enhancements for Build 14000

[What's Cooking] Upcoming New Features and Enhancements for Build 14000

Dear Users,

We are pleased to inform you that the following features are scheduled for inclusion in one of the upcoming service packs. 

Timer Actions for Requests:
Introducing timer actions to trigger time-delayed custom actions on requests. You can configure timer actions under Admin > Automation > Request Timer Actions.

Maintenance Module:
Create, view, and manage maintenance related requests in your organization from under a new module Maintenance.

Need More Info in Approval Stage:
Approvers can now inquire for clarification before recording their approval decisions for incident and service requests.

Custom Filter Enhancements:
Introducing Advanced Filter in Requests to perform custom search based on predefined conditions and save them for later use.

Support for UEM Product Integration:
Users can now integrate ServiceDesk Plus with any one of the following Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) products:
Patch Manager Plus, Remote Access Plus, Application Control Plus, Vulnerability Manager Plus, Device Control Plus, and Endpoint Central (formerly Desktop Central).

Problem Custom Trigger and Problem Custom Function:
Users can now configure custom triggers for problems to automatically trigger actions on a problem by executing a script file, a custom function, or send email/SMS notifications. Use problem custom functions to manipulate data in ServiceDesk Plus/third-party applications, and execute custom actions.

Microsoft Teams Enhancements:
Administrators can now create custom commands and execute actions in Microsoft Teams right from the ServiceDesk Plus bot. The support groups in ServiceDesk Plus can be mapped with the respective Teams channels. When requests are assigned to support groups, the bot will trigger notifications in the mapped channel.

Forgot Password Option for Local Authentication:
Administrators can now enable the Forgot Password option for users who log in via local authentication.

Drill-down Analysis for Requests:
You can now perform drill-down analysis on requests from the reports module. A tree structure for requests will be generated based on the criteria (Created Date, Responded Date, DueBy Date, and Completed Date) along with time period. Use the drill-down analysis URL to share with other technicians.

Additional Attributes Support in SAML from IdP:
SAML now supports additional attributes to create a detailed user profile for dynamic users.

Enable Dark Mode / Night Mode:
Introducing Night Mode in ServiceDesk Plus that allows users to darken their application's screen. Night Mode is user and instance specific.

Upload Custom Font:
You can now use custom/third-party fonts in ServiceDesk Plus. You can either add fonts that are already included in your operating system or upload new fonts via font files in the supported formats.

Import Vendors and Vendor Products:
Administrators can import vendor details along with the products or services associated with vendors in bulk from CSV, XLS, or XLSX files. During import, new vendors can be added in bulk or the details of existing vendors can be updated in ServiceDesk Plus.

Security Meter:
Monitor and gauge how effectively you have configured various built-in application security features using the security meter. To access the security meter, go to Admin/ESM Directory >General Settings > Security Settings. The security meter provides the following:
1. A security score in percentage
2. A security level classification based on the security score: unsecured, weak security, moderate security, and highly secure
3. An option to view and manage the list of available security features

Task Dependency Enhancement:
The UI for task dependency mapping is revamped for better user experience.
API support added for task dependencies.

Reports Micro Feature:

  • Introducing options to export reports without header. You can configure the settings from Reports > Custom Settings.
  •  You can now schedule multiple reports under Reports > New Report > Schedule Report.
  • You can now save the edited custom report as a new report using the Save report as option.
  • You can now export, schedule, and mail reports in the XLSX format. You can also export requests, purchases, and software in the XLSX format.
  • A new notification rule "Notify technician and other SDAdmins when an SDAdmin edits/deletes another technician's schedules/reports." is added under Admin > Automation > Notification Rules > Reports.

Release-CI Relationship in CMDB:
You can now view the associated CIs or releases along with their relationship map from the respective release/CI details page.

Option to get more properties while creating a new request from Zia Bot:
Users can now add vital details such as subject, description, and mandatory fields while raising a request from the Zia bot.

Showing Dynamic Notifications as Desktop Notifications:
Desktop notification notifies users about the events in the application even if they are working on different applications.
To enable desktop notification, application must run in the HTTPS mode. Click the LOCK icon on your browser's URL and select Site settings > Notification > Allow.

Request Notifications (In-App Notifications) for Technicians
Introducing In-app notifications to alert technicians about their request events while they are using the application.

Global Configuration for Time Zone, Date Format, Time Format:
Use a global configuration for changing the time zone, date format, time format for all users under Admin > General Settings > Self-Service Portal Settings.

Technicians Personalized Color Settings:
Administrators can now allow technicians to personalize the color settings applied in the list/classic view of requests, changes, and releases.

UI Makeover Minor Enhancements:
Introducing Puvi font (version 4.0) in ServiceDesk Plus under layout personalization, theme settings, text editor, and form customization. UI revamped for better user experience in the following entities: login details banner, confirmation dialog, scroll bars, checkbox, radio buttons, and Add/Edit form buttons.
Note:The scroll bar UI revamp will not reflect in Mac devices.

Telephony Integration Enhancements - Call history:
You can now view the details of all incoming and outgoing telephone calls.
Create a request when a call to a technician is unanswered.

Trial license over the production setup:
Customers can now avail a free trial license to check out the latest features and functionalities of ServiceDesk Plus. The trial license is valid for one month and can be used only once.

Calendar Revamp:
Added a redesigned calendar for date and time fields across the application.
You can now enter time values manually in the date and time fields.


You can test these features on our Beta site and share your valuable feedback. Follow this space for more updates.

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