[What's Cooking] New Features and Enhancements expected to be released with the upcoming 12000 Version of ServiceDesk Plus

[What's Cooking] New Features and Enhancements expected to be released with the upcoming 12000 Version of ServiceDesk Plus

Dear Users,

We are happy to inform you all that the following features and enhancements are expected to be released with the 12000 version of ServiceDesk Plus. 

Release Module:
ServiceDesk Plus now supports Release Management in the IT help desk. Release management allows you to plan, build, test, and deploy releases to the production environment. A release can be defined as the process of delivering a set of authorized changes to IT services in a controlled environment

Zia Bot:
Zia, Zoho's AI assistant for business, is available as a virtual conversational support agent, Zia Bot. You can now ask Zia to perform 20 different help desk operations including raising requests, assigning technicians to requests, viewing solutions/announcements.

Group Roles:
Create Group Roles (support-group based roles) and associate them to support groups & technicians to use them in support group notifications, SLA escalation notifications, request life cycles, custom triggers, backup technician assignments, dashboards(share dashboards), and approvals.

Administrators can define a webhook that enables the user to call an external URL or API to facilitate communication between ServiceDesk Plus and any third-party applications.
The webhook is configured for the request module.

Callback Custom Function:
Create callback custom functions using Deluge scripting that allows you to manipulate data in ServiceDesk Plus whenever an event occurs in external applications.

Delta sync AD import and AD implementation
Delta Sync in AD User Import:
Administrators can now update changes in the user details from Active Directory into ServiceDesk Plus via Delta Sync. Delta sync minimalizes data payload transferred during an import. It is scheduled along with Full Scan and imports the changes in data every 30 minutes to keep your user repository up-to-date. You can track the last import time and the next scheduled time of the AD Import from 
Users >> Active Directory from ESM Directory or Admin tab.

Support for LDAP SSL in AD User Import:
LDAP security protocol can be enabled while importing users from AD. If LDAP SSL is enabled, the ServiceDesk Plus will connect with AD through port 636.

Migrate Data Between Instances:
Migrate your help desk data from the request and admin modules between instances using instance-specific backup and restore methods.

Attachment settings in Admin / ESM Directory:
Configure which file attachments you want to allow and which ones you want to restrict in the application. For non-ESM setups, you can find the settings under Admin >> Attachment Settings. For ESM setups, you can find it under ESM Directory >> Attachment Settings >> File attachment filtering.

Flexible Column layout:
You can now configure upto 4 columns in Incident, Service, and Release templates.
Also, you can configure flexible columns and add up to 12 fields in a single row with various customizable options.

Assisting Users on Self service portal:
Create customized product tours for your users to familiarize themselves with the Self-Service Portal.
Create tours in multiple languages and automatically serve requesters with an appropriate tour based on their language personalization.

Advanced Matrix Enhancements:
Users can now add up to 5 columns while grouping data in Advanced Matrix Reports.
Users can select the Request field in the Column drop-down under the Column Grouping section for all modules that support matrix reports.
The Date Format drop-down will be displayed only if a date field is selected as the column.
Users can also add up to 5 rows to group the data in the Group by section.

PII/ePHI for user additional fields:
Administrators can now mark out the user additional fields that contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Electronic protected health information (ePHI) to identify the sensitive information collected and stored in ServiceDesk Plus. The personal data of users (both technicians and end-users) in PII/ePHI marked fields are handled in accordance with privacy regulations such as the GDPR.

Asset and Purchase Admin revamp:
Revamped UI for admin entities: Purchase Default Value, Cost Center, GL Code, Currency, Vendor Services, Contract Type, Product Type, Product, Vendor, and Asset State.
You can now delete default contract types.
Support for maintaining deleted contracts as inactive when they are already associated with contracts.

Notification Tones:
Configure notification sounds for Chats, Broadcast messages, Announcements, and Technician Notifications.

Attachment API consumption in the UI for all the modules:
You can now upload up to 10 files in a single action as attachments across the application. Upload the files using a simple drag-and-drop method. A preview is available for attachments of certain file types.

Please try these features on our Beta site and share your valuable feedback. Follow this space for more updates