Welcoming 2023 with an enhanced look and new features!

Welcoming 2023 with an enhanced look and new features!

Hey there folks,


Wishing you all a happy new year! We're excited to present to you Patch Connect Plus with a box full of surprises, starting from builds 90114 and above. Let's take a look at them.


What's new in version 90114?


To simplify management across Intune and SCCM and to enhance the patch management capabilities, here's a list of the updates introduced in Patch Connect Plus:


Enhanced UI


SCCM and Intune tabs - On logging in to the console, admins can find the SCCM and Intune tabs, newly introduced on the top menu. Functionalities specific to SCCM and Intune including Third party updates, Application Management and Latest CVEs can be found under these tabs.  



New features


  • Latest CVEs - Right from the console, admins can view the details of the latest vulnerabilities (such as CVE ID, Severity, CVSS score, etc.) affecting the network's endpoints and can publish the Available Patches to mitigate the vulnerabilities. Learn more.  


  • CVE Import - To further strengthen vulnerability mitigation, admins can now import CVE IDs to the console. Once successfully imported, the available patches would automatically be mapped to the CVE IDs, which can then be published directly. Learn more.


Existing customers can download the latest PPM here

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