[Webinar] What GDPR means to IT security admins?

[Webinar] What GDPR means to IT security admins?

Hello everyone, 

The biggest challenge to every IT security admin in complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is detection and reporting data breaches within the 72-hour deadline. 
As an IT security admin, you would've reworked your enterprise's security strategy to prevent data breaches. But, what if it still occurs? Do you have measures in place to instantly detect the initial signs of a data breach and stop it before it sweeps personal data? Have you deployed technical measures to report the data breach or data breach attempt to the supervisory authorities? We're here to help you with all these.

Join our ' GDPR for IT Security Admins: How to tackle the 72-hour challenge' webinar hosted by Sid, IT security and compliance expert, to learn:

  • What Article 33 of the GDPR means.
  • How a SIEM solution can help you comply with Article 33.
  • How to detect and report data breaches within the 72-hour deadline.
  • The best practice to:
    • Reduce breach dwell time.
    • Instantly detect data breaches.
    • Analyze the breach impacts.

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