Webinar featuring IDC’s Mark Leary: Make your IT operations future-proof with the Branch of One architecture

Webinar featuring IDC’s Mark Leary: Make your IT operations future-proof with the Branch of One architecture


With the pandemic, the unprecedented need to support remote working drove several IT organizations worldwide to make drastic changes to their infrastructures. With band aid fixes and make shift solutions, organizations managed to retain business continuity from remote locations. But now, with the IT industry looking at a permanent hybrid workforce culture, a futuristic approach to rewire and re-orientate IT operations is the need of the hour.
Recent research by global IT research firm IDC predicts that by 2025, about half of Forbes Global 2000 companies will have remodeled strategies to support a hybrid workforce. After studying the needs of a hybrid workforce, IDC has come up with a new architecture called Branch of One. This architecture focuses on enhancing the employee experience, controlling collaboration across teams, adopting processes that resonate with digital innovations, and investing in cloud and edge technologies.
To explain Branch of One, ManageEngine has joined hands with IDC and we will be hosting a webinar, during which Mark Leary from IDC will walk you through the key concepts of Branch of One. He will also be discussing technologies like SD-WAN and Zero Trust, which are gaining popularity among enterprises that are adopting a hybrid workforce model. You don’t want to miss it!

Webinar highlights

  • Resolving existing IT challenges to improve business outcomes
  • Understanding Branch of One to enhance IT operations management
  • Minimizing migration and implementation risks in enterprise cloud adoption
  • Predicting advances in digital IT to prepare enterprises for the future
  • Deploying AI and ML to ease tasks and improve remote staff productivity
  • Introducing new technologies predicted by analyst firms to improve hybrid work
  • Building a secure IT infrastructure even while a majority of workers are remote

Event details

Date: August 17, 2021

Time: 11am EDT

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